Friday, February 6, 2015

Viva Las Vegas!

A few weeks ago we went to the market in Las Vegas and brought back some special products just for you! Below are a handful of things as a special preview to you lovely readers. Come visit us this weekend for some free coffee and donuts and check out the crazy awesome variety that we have to offer!
Fiberglass Rhino Trophy Head. Item #: 14832. Dimensions: 22"W x 13"D x 24"H. Black and brown wall attachment. $149.90 at CL.

Vintage Wood and Metal Wall Mirror. Item #: 35725. Dimensions: 38"W x 2"D x 84"H. Two-door design frame. Metal hinges and fixtures with mirror frames. Easy to maintain and long-lasting. $299.90 at CL.

Mahogany and Glass Wine Cabinet. Item #: 38336. Dimensions: 25"W x 17"D x 61"H. Holds up to 18 bottles. Sleek in build with two glass doors and several shelves placed at an angle so the cork remains moist and the wine stays fresh for a long time. $349.90 at CL.

Metal Airplane Wall Art. Item #: 38568. Dimensions: 47"W x 2"D x 32"H. Metal with a gray and white finish. Plane is from one of the great wars of the 20th century. Smudges and distortion add a rustic, yet modern feel. $199.90 at CL.

 Vintage French Chair. Item #: 38900. Dimensions: 20"W x 20"D x 39"H. Has cushioned high back and broad base in a sturdy wooden frame. $209.90 at CL.

We're open from 9am to 6pm every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, so swing by and check us out. Night all!

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