Friday, February 27, 2015

How to Clean a Microfiber Sofa: Secrets of the Pros

Many people say that microfiber is a pain to clean while many furniture stores say it is super easy to clean and use it as a selling point. The disconnect? If you know how to clean it, it is super easy to clean. So we'd like to take the time to lay it out for you so you avoid any potential problems in the future and your microfiber will last you a long and enjoyable time. As an example, we're going to use the lovely microfiber sofa.

Now let's start with a basic question; what IS microfiber?

Microfiber is synthetic fiber that must be finer than one denier. According to Shawn Strouse, director of sales at Tuway American Group in Troy, Michigan, a "denier is a unit of linear measurement equal to the mass in grams of 9,000 meters of the fiber" which Judy Klein, the director of microfiber cleaning at Rubbermaid Commercial Products of Virginia, says is the equivalent to "1/100th the diameter of a human hair" (Rosenzwieg).

They are usually made from polyesters, polyamides, or a combination of those two and polypropylene. Its Wiki page states that it's usually
used to make mats, knits, and weaves for apparel, upholstery, industrial filters, and cleaning products. The shape, size, and combinations of synthetic fibers are selected for specific characteristics, including softness, toughness, absorption, water repellency, electrodynamics, and filtering capabilities ("Microfiber").  
Because the fibers are so small and tightly-knit, this material is perfect for furniture like sofas and love seats because the fibers don't allow dust or allergens to sink into the fabric, or at least not easily.

A Short History
Microfiber dates back to the late 1950s when experimentation was being done with synthetic fibers. But since results were hit or miss, microfiber didn't show its face until the 1970s when a Japanese company's version, Ultrasuede, hit stores and flew off the shelves. Microfiber struck again in the early 1990s in Sweden and was popular and successful all throughout Europe. It was then continued into the U.S. under the company known then as ACT. It is now Norwex.

Is Microsuede the Same Thing?
No it's not, but it's very close. If you look at the "Microfiber" article on, it will tell you that microfiber "is a more general term referring to a material made of fibers smaller than 1 denier, which makes them thinner than silk. Microsuede is a type of fiber designed to have qualities similar to suede." Still confused?

If you'd like to learn how to clean microsuede as opposed to microfiber, click here.

How Do I Clean It? Get to the Point Already!
Directions courtesy of and

  1. Vacuum. Vacuum to get the dust and lint off it, otherwise it might stain the fabric.
  2. Scrub Stains. Scrub any stains with a clean, dry brush. This will help lift off any crusty spills from the fabric.
  3. Lint Roll. Go over the sofa with a lint roller to hair and particles that the vacuum might miss.
  4. Remove Cushions and Pillows and Clean. Remove the seat cushions, back cushions, and any loose pillows. Then run your vacuum and lint roller through those areas.
  5. Read the Label. The label on your sofa will tell you what cleaners will agree with the sofa. It will either read "W" or "water-based cleaner"; or there will be a "S" or "solvent-based cleaner". Otherwise, it will say "S/W" for either, or a "X" for neither (vacuum and lint roll only).
A. If the label says "water-based cleaner" or "W"...
  1. Mix Soap and Water. Mix a few drops of a mild soap with a water-based cleaning solution that is good enough to fix most stains. Other options might be a mild dish detergent, carpet cleaner, or upholstery shampoo.
  2. If Smells Bother You... add a few drops of white vinegar or a pinch of baking soda to remove odor while cleaning.
  3. Test the Cleaner. ALWAYS test it before you use it just to make sure. Try it someplace inconspicuous, like a spot under the sofa cushion. Clean it then let it dry to make sure the color and/or texture of the microfiber aren't affected.
  4. Apply the Cleaner and Use. Apply the cleaning solution with a clean, soft rag, and then gently blot the sofa to remove the stain. Be patient. You may have to reapply a number of times to fully lift the stain. NEVER pour the solution directly on the sofa as the goal is to use the least amount of saturation as possible to get the job done and protect your furniture piece.
B. If the label says "solvent-based cleaner" or "S"...
Directions courtesy of and

  1. Acquire Solvent-Based Cleaner. You will either need to buy a microfiber upholstery cleaner like this one or use one of the following: rubbing alcohol, clear alcohol (i.e.: gin or vodka), dry-cleaning solvent, lighter fluid, baby wipes, or oxygenating solutions that don't contain bleach.
  2. Test the Cleaner. ALWAYS test it before you use it just to make sure. Try it someplace inconspicuous, like a spot under the sofa cushion. Clean it then let it dry to make sure the color and/or texture of the microfiber aren't affected.
  3. Apply the Cleaner and Use. Apply the cleaning solution with a clean, soft rag, and then gently blot the sofa to remove the stain. Be patient. You may have to reapply a number of times to fully lift the stain. NEVER pour the solution directly on the sofa as the goal is to use the least amount of saturation as possible to get the job done and protect your furniture piece.
  4. Scrub the Cleaned Areas. Microfiber tends to stiffen after being cleaned, so be sure to scrub it back to normal with a clean, dry brush.
C. If the label says "S/W" for either method...
  • ...then use whichever method you'd like.
D. If the label says "X" for neither method...
  • RESIST getting your sofa wet at all and stick to the lint rolling and vacuuming.
Some Microfiber Sofas and Sectionals That We Sell

1) 2-Piece Ace Chocolate Sectional. Not only will you love the microfiber material on this baby, but the feather down seating, backs, and pillows will have you in absolute heaven once you sit down.
Item #: 186S. Dimensions: 142"W x 116"D x 39"H. Pillows included. Other sofa and pillow colors available. CL Price: $2199.

2) Monika Two-Tone Stationary Chocolate Sofa with Wooden Feet. Upholstered with chocolate brown vinyl and corduroy microfiber cushions, you can't go wrong with this comfortable and soothing piece.
Item #: 502811. Dimensions: 80"W x 36"D x 38"H. CL Price: $399.90.

3) Durant Tan Microfiber Click Clack Futon. This lovely sleeper sofa has a pillow top and a tufted back. Click it up, you have a sofa! Clack it down, you have a bed!
Item #: 413357. Dimensions: 72"W x 43"D x 14"H. CL Price: $199.99.

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Have a great weekend all!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chafing Dish and Crab Dip Recipe... the Perfect Combination!

We're selling this beautiful 1.3 quart chafing dish with steam vent for only $15.99 here at City Liquidators!

With this dish, the world is your oyster, or rather... your crab. We have the perfect crab dip recipe just for you and it goes just wonderfully in this chafing dish!

Chafing Dish Crab Dip Recipe

  • 1 (1 lb.) can fresh back fin lump crabmeat.
  • 2 (8 oz.) packages cream cheese.
  • 1/2 cup butter. 
  • 1/2 cup half and half.
  • 1-2 tbsp grated onion.
  • 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce.
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice.
  • 1/8 tsp Tabasco sauce.
  • 1/2 tsp salt.
  1. Melt cream cheese, butter, and half and half in the top of a double broiler. 
  2. Combine until smooth.
  3. Add seasonings.
  4. Fold in crabmeat and transfer to chafing dish.
  5. Serve with crackers or plain rounds of melba toast.
Let us know how it goes! We're here 363 days of the year from 9am to 6pm. Come on by City Liquidators and say hello!

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Portland Eastside Industrial Area: A Short History in Pictures

Here We Go...

C.1871. (Photo and info courtesy of

(Old John was one of the last Indians to be relocated, resisting as long as he could while settlers came in and developed the land. Photo and info courtesy of

C.1884. The children are standing near the intersection of Southeast 6th Avenue and Morrison Street. (Photo and info courtesy of

C.1892. (Photo and info courtesy of

C.1898. According to the Portland Archives and Records Center, "this rendering details the various operations at the Wolff & Zwicker Iron Works... among other things, the plant built torpedo boats for the U.S. Navy" (Photo and quote courtesy of The plant was located in the Central Eastside Industrial District.

C.1898. One of the torpedo boats under construction at the Wolff & Zwicker Iron Works. (Photo and info courtesy of

C.1915. Large wooden ships being built at the Supple & Ballin Yards at the foot of Southeast Belmonth Street. (Photo and info courtesy of

C.1919. Southeast Grand Avenue looking north of Morrison Street. (Photo and info courtesy of

C. 1926. Aerial view of Portland. (Photo and info courtesy of

C.1939. Portland's NE Union Grand and Burnside. (Photo and info courtesy of

C. 1940s. Old cars and cobblestones. (Photo and info courtesy of

C.1960s. Advertisement for a suburb in Eastern Portland. (Photo and info courtesy of

C.1963. Aerial view of Portland with the Hawthorne Bridge in the middle of the image. (Photo and info courtesy of

 C.1964. Aerial view overlooking the Central Eastside. (Photo and info courtesy of

Morningside Hospital was a place for the mentally ill and was torn down in 1968 after most of their patients, who were from Alaska, moved back to their homeland. The land was then developed to become Mall 205. (Photo and info courtesy of

C.1988. According to this source, "In 1988, the Central Eastside was adopted as an official district of the Central City with new policy direction to 'Preserve the Central Eastside as an industrial sanctuary...'." But it is also attracting knowledge and design businesses due to the urban industrial style while developers are trying to change it with condos and non-industrial projects within the industrialized areas. (Photo, quote, and info are courtesy of

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Friday, February 20, 2015

How to Design with City Liquidators: Monica's Apt from Friends

Let's be honest, we all loved Friends, the beloved American sitcom on NBC from the minds and hearts of David Crane and Marta Kauffman that lasted for 10 years and 10 seasons from 1994 to 2004. If by some crazy chance of fate you haven't seen it, here's the premise as in the words of Wikipedia:

"Rachel Green flees her wedding day and seeks out childhood friend Monica Geller, a New York City chef. They become roommates, and Rachel joins Monica's social circle of single people in their mid-20s: struggling actor Joey Tribbiani, business professional Chandler Bing, masseuse and musician Phoebe Buffay, and newly divorced paleontologist Ross Geller, Monica's older brother. To support herself Rachel becomes a waitress at Central Perk, the Manhattan coffeehouse where the group often hangs out; when not there, the six are usually at Monica and Rachel's nearby West Village apartment, or Joey and Chandler's across the hall.
Episodes typically depict the friends' comedic romantic adventures and career issues...".
The set design is gorgeous and is by the marvelous Greg Grande. One of our favorite places designed by him is Monica's apartment, as seen below.

Today we're going to feature a few pieces from our very own store that would closely fit the look of the very same scene above. Many productions shop at our store and we are more than happy to help you decorate however you like.

1) Caitlin Flax Sofa in White.
Item #: 282-01.
CL Price: $799.
2) Coffee Table.
Item #: T579-1.
CL Price: $379.

3) Sunset Red Art Glass and Crystal Lamp with Round Fabric Shade.
Item #: 90070.
CL Price: $169.

4) Tendrils Rug.
Item #: 11025-450.
CL Price:$79.90.

4) Matelasse Ivory Chair.

Item #: R100-4.

CL Price: $199.

5) Chairside End Table.
Item #: T477-7.
CL Price: $199.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pepsi Floats with a Vintage Flair

Hey all!

We're selling these vintage Pepsi glasses at City Liquidators for only $10.90 per 6-piece 20 oz. acrylic cooler set!

What goes great with Pepsi glasses? Floats! Go vintage today!

The directions are simple:

  • Acquire cans of Pepsi for 50 cents apiece from our Cola machine.
  • Acquire ice cream, straws, and our vintage Pepsi glasses.
  • Mix Pepsi and ice cream to taste, add straw, and enjoy!
Send us photos of your delicious floats and let us know what your favorite ice cream is. You aren't just limited to the vanilla flavor, play around with different flavors and textures.

As always, we're open from 9am to 6pm every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas days. Have a great day everybody! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

A History Mondays Treat: My Drunk History

So every Monday we feature a different piece from our store and its history, or something to that effect. We stumbled upon this series online from Comedy Central called "My Drunk History", and we loved it so much that we wanted to share a few episodes with you history buffs! So without further ado, here's a few of our favorites!

1) The Birth of Mickey Mouse. 
Trust us, it's worth a viewing or two.

2) Invention of Coca-Cola.
Remember last week when we went over the invention of Pepsi in celebration of our vintage Pepsi machine for sale? Well just for you, here's the drunk history of the other big soda company out there... Coca-Cola (of which we sell vintage products!).
Not only does Comedy Central do this series, but so does Internet sensation, Funny or Die!. Here's our favorite from their shows. Enjoy!

3) Drunk History Christmas.
We at City Liquidators love the warmth and good cheer of the holidays. So here's a special version of the history of Christmas. Bet you've never heard this one before!

We've also stumbled upon this video, where two drunk guys try to build identical pieces of Ikea Furniture. *Note: We do not encourage doing this in ANY way.

Whew! That looks like a lot of work, doesn't it? Want to know a secret? You don't have to go through all that trouble anymore, drunk or otherwise. But wait! That's just a bad example... Ikea furniture is easy to assemble, right? Of course it is! So is any other kind of furniture. Just take a look at this next clip...

Still don't want to have to go through all of that? Just order the furniture that you want through our store and we'll deliver AND set it up for you (we will be sober, by the way, and kick serious butt at it! We know, we know... shameless marketing, but if not on our blog, where else do we do it?).

Hope you enjoyed this post! When you're done reading and watching, come on by and say hello! As always, we're here from 9am to 6pm every day!

Friday, February 13, 2015

We Believe in Flexibility: 5 Flexible Products That Will Fit Your Home Today

Here at City Liquidators, we believe that flexibility is the key to a happy life. That's why, when we saw these at Vegas, we couldn't resist bringing them back here just for you! The following furniture is made mainly out of teak wood and presents the rare opportunity to the owner of being able to thrive both inside and outside. Have lots of backyard parties, but don't want to leave furniture outside? No problem! We've got you covered. These pieces will be happy wherever you place them for however long you place them there. They're no hassle, easy clean, and long-lasting. What more could you want?

1) Wooden Teak End Table.
Teak Wooden End Table. Item #: 38420. Dimensions: 27"W x 25"D x 20"H. Decorative, weather-resistant, and can be used indoors and outdoors. CL Price: $149.90.

2) Abstract Ampyang Wooden Teak Coffee Table. 
Abstract Ampyang Teak Wood Coffee Table. Item #: 38432. Dimensions: 60"W x 51"L x 15"H. Abstract top with small sturdy round legs. Made from natural teak wood and would go well inside or out. Easy to maintain and long-lasting, you will love this piece. CL Price: $599.90.

3) Mahogany Abaca Leaf Chair.
Mahogany Abaca Leaf Chair. Item #: 38416. Dimensions: 21"W x 17"D x 42"H. Would go great both indoors and out. Has a traditional look derived from tribe communities across the world, signifying ethnic values and varied culture. Has a crisscross surface and a towered back rest designed for both comfort and functionality. CL Price: $149.90.

4) Raha Dining Table.
Raha Dining Table. Item #: 37759. Dimensions: 86"W x 31"H. Made of 100% Suar wood. Has a wood grain design and stands on 2 blocks of wood that give it stability. Can be used indoors or outdoors, it will last in either one. $1599 at City Liquidators.

5) Wooden Teak Stool.
Wooden Teak Stool. Item #: 38418. Dimensions: 15"W x 15"D x 17"H. Real wood pieces in eco-friendly design. CL Price: $99.90.

Have a great weekend and, remember, relax! Flexibility makes life much more stressful and much more fun down the line. We're open from 9am-6pm every day and have free coffee and donuts on the weekends, so be sure to come by and say hi!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bon Appétit! Meet Our Chefs!

At City Liquidators, we believe everybody deserves a home and we have some friends who need a place to live and want to meet you! So without further ado, we introduce our chefs!

1. Mwah! Chef
Chef number one is excited to introduce your menu to your lovely guests and will vouch for you every time. He says "Mwah! The taste is incroyable!" For the small fee of $49.90, this 41.5" high chef can live happily ever after with you in your kitchen for the rest of his life.

2) "Look Over Here!" Chef
At 12" high, this guy may be a little on the smaller side, but he will call attention to your menu with his jolly face and hand motioning to his trusty chalkboard. For only $24.99 here at City Liquidators, he will warm up any space with his glowing personality and make your guests smile for years to come.

3) Bachelor Number 3...
Bachelor, oh...we mean *cough* chef, number 3 is a suave Italian man who will be coming to a kitchen near you for the small price of $119.90. At 36" tall, he will not disappoint and will call attention to your menu with his debonair looks and vouch for you with a big thumb up. Don't let him stay lonely and pick him up today!

Have a happy Wednesday and remember, chefs need love too!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Antique Pepsi-Cola Machine

We at City Liquidators are selling this antique Pepsi-Cola machine for the brilliantly low price of $799.99! This is a small price to pay for the major amount of nostalgia you're buying.

According to the Encyclopædia Brittanica, the "first Pepsi-Cola was created by Caleb D. Bradham (1866-1934), a pharmacist in New Bern, North Carolina."'s "Inventors" Page claims "he had a soda fountain in his drug store, where he served his customers refreshing drinks that he created himself."  In 1893, one of his experiments, known as "'Brad's Drink', made from a mix of sugar, water, caramel, lemon oil, nutmeg, and other natural additives, became an overnight sensation" (

"On August 28, 1898, Bradham renamed his drink, 'Pepsi-Cola.' He believed that the drink was more than a refreshment but a 'healthy' cola, aiding in digestion, getting its roots from the word dyspepsia, meaning indigestion" ( Once he was sure it proved popular, he incorporated the company on June 16, 1903. According to, "by 1904, the Pepsi-Cola syrup sales reached almost 20,000 gallons." By 1910, they started selling their drinks in bottles.

But during World War I, they had a hard time of things because of the severe rationing and high price of sugar. As a result, they couldn't meet their consumers' demands. Bradham worked day in and out to find a substitute for sugar, but none of the results tasted as good in the recipe as the original. "After the war ended sugar prices soared from 3 cents to 28 cents per pound. Bradham purchased a high quantity... which would be a factor to the company's downfall. Pepsi Cola officially was bankrupt as of May 31, 1923" (

Both the drink and the name "Pepsi-Cola" were created in 1898 and trademarked in 1903. Over the years, several different logos have been used. In 1931, the company went bankrupt and the trademark was sold.

(The modern Pepsi redesign. Photo also courtesy of

The founder of today's modern Pepsi-Cola, Charles G. Guth (1876-1948), bought the trademark and assets when the company went under in 1931. He then "established a new Pepsi-Cola Company, had a chemist formulate a better drink, set up new bottling operations, and began merchandising a hugely successful 12-ounce bottle for five cents" ("PepsiCo, Inc. | American Company"). At the time, he was also president of a candy company by the name of Loft, Incorporated and soon after lost controlling interest in Pepsi-Cola to new management of his company. Then, in 1941, the two companies merged under the name "Pepsi-Cola", and that was that.

In 1950, a former vice president of the Coca-Cola Company by the name of Alfred N. Steele (1901-1959) became chief executive officer of the Pepsi-Cola Company. "His emphasis on giant advertising campaigns and sales promotions increased Pepsi-Cola's net earnings 11-fold during the 1950s and made it the chief competitor of Coca-Cola" ("PepsiCo, Inc. | American Company"). After he died, his wife, Joan Crawford, took over as an active director of the company.

In 1965, they merged with Frito-Lay Inc., then stretched over Pizza Hut in 1977, Taco Bell in 1978, and KFC in 1986. When, in 1997, the restaurant chains went their own way into a new company separate from Pepsi, Pepsi bought Tropicana and Dole from the Seagram Company the year after. In 2001, they merged with Quaker Oats and are keeping their success status true today.

So consider how lucky and wonderful it would be to own a piece of this wonderful history with our Pepsi machine. For only $799.99, it could be yours today!