Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bon Appétit! Meet Our Chefs!

At City Liquidators, we believe everybody deserves a home and we have some friends who need a place to live and want to meet you! So without further ado, we introduce our chefs!

1. Mwah! Chef
Chef number one is excited to introduce your menu to your lovely guests and will vouch for you every time. He says "Mwah! The taste is incroyable!" For the small fee of $49.90, this 41.5" high chef can live happily ever after with you in your kitchen for the rest of his life.

2) "Look Over Here!" Chef
At 12" high, this guy may be a little on the smaller side, but he will call attention to your menu with his jolly face and hand motioning to his trusty chalkboard. For only $24.99 here at City Liquidators, he will warm up any space with his glowing personality and make your guests smile for years to come.

3) Bachelor Number 3...
Bachelor, oh...we mean *cough* chef, number 3 is a suave Italian man who will be coming to a kitchen near you for the small price of $119.90. At 36" tall, he will not disappoint and will call attention to your menu with his debonair looks and vouch for you with a big thumb up. Don't let him stay lonely and pick him up today!

Have a happy Wednesday and remember, chefs need love too!

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