Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring into Spring with Our Bright, Colorful Chairs!

We have some fun folding colorful chairs right in time for spring!

Some of them are shiny and vinyl...

Shiny orange folding chair. #: 84681. CL Price: $16.99.

Shiny blue folding chair. #: 84680. CL Price: $16.99.

Shiny green folding chair. #: 84682. CL Price: $16.99.

And some with festive flower designs AND the fun spring colors...

Shiny blue flower folding chair. #: 84677. CL Price: $16.90.

Shiny green flower folding chair. #: 84676. CL Price: $16.90.

Shiny orange flower folding chair. #: 84674. CL Price: $16.90.

Have a great day all! We're open 9am-6pm every day, so come on by and visit!

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