Wednesday, March 11, 2015

PDX Carpet: Great News!!

Great news everybody! The Port of Portland has accepted the bid on our behalf by our very own Emma Pelett for the PDX carpet and we will be able to pick it up next month! We plan on repurposing the carpet into welcome mats and rugs. This is HUGE, and we'll tell you why.

The Portland International Airport's carpet has a huge cult following (#pdxcarpet on Instagram), three Twitter accounts, and even its own line of socks and shirts. "The carpet covers over 14 acres throughout the terminal," reports, "the equivalent of 10 Portland city blocks."

In 1987, SRG Architects took on the carpet design because of the annoying clicking clacking noises on the hard airport floors. The floors were also very plain and very dull while the airport wanted to make the place cozier for welcoming people home.

They didn't want the carpet colors to be boring and they wanted to bring in the fun colors and feel of the northwest. The final pattern, according to, "corresponded to Portland's intersecting North-South runways, as seen from the control tower."

The Port of Portland had to think carefully about the future of the carpet because it has sentimental value to the community as a whole and we are extremely flattered that they chose us. We will take the best care of the carpet that we can and will work hard to make these repurposed welcome mats and rugs into products that you will enjoy.


  1. Is there a way to get an alert when you are ready to start selling the welcome mats and rugs? Thanks.

  2. Send us your email and we'll email you when the carpet products are for sale.

  3. Can you tell me where you got the carpet cut? I'm looking for a local company that does custom cuts for a project.