Friday, March 6, 2015

Buying Furniture: How to Measure a Space for Furniture and Delivery

Some people love to shop for furniture and love the experience and others hate it. Either way, nobody wants to go through the hassle of measuring for the furniture. You can just eye it and it'll work out, right? Measuring is just so endless and it's such a pain, right? Then there's all these steps and it'll take forever, there's just no point.

Well we're here to help and to tell you it's not as painful or complicated as you may think. Measuring for your furniture and its delivery is important. Every so often, people get lucky and eyeing it works. But more often than not, it doesn't work out. Then there's returns, delivery people get there with the furniture then have to go back, and you get more of a hassle and headache than you bargained for. It's easy to love a piece of furniture, but it needs to be able to fit through your front door. So save yourself some time, money, and Advil, and measure. We'll show you, and everything will be ok.

First of all, before anything, WRITE DOWN YOUR MEASUREMENTS AND SAVE THEM. This way you only have to work through this process once. That's always a great feeling.

1) Measure Your Room.

  • Measure the doorway to make sure the furniture will fit through it. Measure the width, height, and a diagonal (from top corner to opposite side's bottom corner). Measure inside the door frames too.
  • Measure the length from the entrance to the far wall. This tells you if you can bring the furniture all the way in and how easy or difficult it will be to maneuver once inside.
  • Measure the length, width, and height of the room.
  • Measure any and all obstacles in the room, i.e.: radiators, space where the door moves (if it moves into the room), fireplaces, etc.
  • With windows, measure the height from the floor, and the window's width and height on its own.

2) Measure Your Home for Delivery.

  • Entryways: Measure all entryways that the furniture has to go through. Do this the same way      you measured the doorway for your room.
  • Doorways and Hallways: Measure all doorway and hallway widths, heights, and diagonals. Be sure to note and measure where handrails, doorknobs, etc. are and how far they stick out so as not to damage yourself, the delivery workers, and/or the furniture.
  • Elevators: Measure the elevator door's height and width along with the inside's height, width, and depth/diagonal. Don't forget to note the overhead lights, rails, buttons, and where the doors will close. Include the movers in your thoughts because someone has to get in there with the furniture.
  • Clearing the Path/Noting Obstacles: Measure all corners you will have to turn into to get the furniture through. Don't forget to check the staircase corners too. To move it easily, be at least 4 inches less than the passage measurements. Move as much as you can out of the passage that the movers and furniture will take so as to make it easy as possible. You don't have to do this until after you order the delivery, it might just be nice to make a note of it though so you can utilize as much space as possible.
  • Stairways: Measure the width of your stairway and include the handrails. Then measure the stairway ceiling height from: (a) the bottom step, (b) from any landings, and (c) from the top step.
  • Arranging Your Furniture: Draw a simple floor plan to figure out where you're planning to place your furniture and how it will interact with the space.
3) Measure The Furniture: Measure the width, depth, and height. Write them down and bring the measurements home.

4) Compare Your Room/Home Measurements to the Measurements of the Furniture: Do this to make sure it will fit.

-Will It Fit? Call Us!- If you have trouble with figuring out how the furniture will fit or the furniture's measurements, call us! We will do our best to answer all of your questions.

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