Wednesday, January 28, 2015

5 Great Mason Jar Ideas

Mason jars are useful, fun, and great for all sorts of things. In our General Merchandise Department here at City Liquidators, we are selling boxes of 12 for $15.90 per box!

What can you do with a mason jar? Below are just 10 ideas, but the variety of uses is never-ending.

1) A simple way to save the environment and your leftovers is preserving your fruits and vegetables. has simple, easy-to-follow directions for what to do here:  
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2) Try making some delicious jams and jellies. has some great tips and recipes;

3) Hungry, but don't want to go through a huge ordeal? Try this fun pizza in a jar recipe by 1 Fine Cookie.

4)For a simple and fun DIY project, turn your mason jars into candle holders.

5)If you need to decorate for an event, but don't have a lot of money, simply pick up some of our mason jars, buy or pick some flowers, and use the jars as vases.

Don't forget, we're open 9am-6pm every day, so feel free to swing by and say hello! If you have any other ideas and/or want to tell us about your experience with the ideas above, we welcome comments and would love to hear about it!

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