Friday, January 16, 2015

20 Interior Design Trends for Prospective Home Buyers-- 10 They Want and 10 They Don't Want

We at City Liquidators get a lot of people coming in who flip houses and/or are furnishing new places. Ever curious about what prospective buyers look for and stay away from? Look no further, we're here to help!

10 Wants
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Classic is better and space and light make a home feel warm, welcoming, and airy. You want to instill a sense of calm and security to anyone who enters so they can picture themselves and their loved ones in the new space and, in turn, buy it at the end of the day.

1. Open Concept Homes
    • Spacious, open living spaces feel more freeing. These are also more important for families with small kids so the parents are able to keep an eye on the kids at all times.
2. Smaller Homes
    •  Huge places are expensive to maintain, heat, and cool. Plus, the bigger the place, the more we want to fill it. So many people choose smaller places for less clutter, more coziness, and less living expenses.

3. Outdoor Living Spaces
    •  Many people have pets that need space to run around outside. Families also love spending time with each other outside. "For example, the 2011 Design Driver Survey from AvidBuilder found that 31.4 percent of move-up buyers (people moving to a larger home) said they either must have or really want an outdoor fireplace" (McKenzie).

4. Neutral Decor
    •  You can still keep your true accents, just try and stay more on the timeless and neutral for most of the home. The safer, the better when it comes to home buyers.

5. Modern Kitchens
    •  The kitchen is the heart of your home, so be sure to keep everything up-to-date for the safety and convenience of the future homeowners and their families.

6. Smart Growth
    •  If your place is in a master-planned home community, make sure that future buyers know about all of the benefits of it. These are things that include "community clubhouses and pools, protected nature areas, hiking trails, playgrounds, and more" (McKenzie).

7. Going Green.
  •  Save the environment! "Hands down, new homes win here, too. The Home Energy Rating System (also known as a HERS Score) is an industry standard that rates the energy efficiency of homes. The lower the score, the more energy efficient the home. As the people behind HERS point out on their site ( the U.S. Department of Energy has determined that a typical new home is 30 percent more energy efficient than a typical resale house" (McKenzie). 

8. Linen Closets and Smart Storage Options.
    •  Walk-in closets over small, cramped holes in the wall will take first place any day.

9. Energy-Efficient Fixtures and Appliances.
    •  According to, "today's new homes feature enormous energy efficiency in appliances, HVAC (heating, ventilation and cooling equipment) and throughout the house." Now is the time to conserve the environment and change it for the better. Most home buyers will go for that versus making the environment worse and driving living expenses up as a side effect.

10. Double-Car Garage with Organized Work/Storage Space.
    •  Many sellers and builders nowadays offer three-car garages or up, but the lowest you should go is two. Most families now have at least two cars or more, and if they don't use the garage for their cars, they usually use it as a work space and organization is key for productivity.

10 Things They Don't Want
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Always remember that even though it may be trendy or appealing to have your place pop with bold colors, patterns, etc., with buyers you need to be as neutral as possible. You want to appeal to the masses so you can get your home sold as quick as possible, so remember, classic and timeless is better. Avoid the following below to make your place more palpable.

1. Boldly-Painted Walls.
    • Instead of having the walls boldly-painted, keep them neutral and provide your pops of color with accessories like pillows or throw blankets. This makes it easier for prospective buyers to relax and visualize themselves in your space. 

2. Wallpaper.
    •  The same rule goes for wallpaper as the bold walls. Put your patterns in your accessories as opposed to your walls, so prospective buyers aren't put off.

3. Lavish Light Fixtures.
    • Fixtures should be accents and not steal the spotlight. If they're too flashy, they might turn off your buyer.

4. Gleaming Gold.
    •  Gold can transport buyers back to the 80s, and sometimes not in a good way. If you do include gold, make sure it seems more industrial to stay on the safe and more modern side.

5. Converted Garages.
    •  If your converted garage is some kind of a niche space, like a music studio, it is very rare that it will fit your potential buyers.

6. Converted Bedrooms.
    • This is the same as with converted garages. Make sure you can easily convert it back to its original purpose if the bedroom is converted to something else.

7. Carpets.
    •  Most home buyers prefer hardwood floors. Carpets trap dirt, germs, and smells. If you do have carpeting, make sure it is classic, timeless, and clean.

8. Too-Lush Landscaping.
    •  Overly landscaped places require a lot of time, money, and maintenance. The easier, the better for your buyers.

9. Pools and Hot Tubs.
    •  Pools and hot tubs are difficult and expensive to maintain. They are also HUGE health and safety hazards to families with small children. If it is in a home community, it's not as big of a deal. But if the pool and/or hot tub are in the home's backyard, it will be more difficult to sell.

10. Pet Products.
    •  Pet items, even for pet-owners, symbolize dirt and germs. No matter how fancy your pet products are, clear your place of them to make your home easier to buy.

As always, we have plenty of home decor and furniture to outfit your place, selling or not. For a glimpse, visit our site or Pinterest. We are constantly updating, but don't have nearly all of our products up. Visit us any day 9am-6pm and we'd be more than happy to help. Have a great weekend (we also have doughnuts and coffee on the weekends for free)!


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