Friday, May 8, 2015

Types of Dining Tables: A Debriefing

The differences in dining tables are few, but make a huge difference.

There are three main heights in the dining world;
  • Standard-Height: measures between 28" and 30" tall.
  • Counter-Height: measures between 34" and 36" tall.
  • Bar/Pub-Height: measures between 40" and 42" tall.
Standard-Height Tables
The types of tables typically included under the standard-height bracket are café and restaurant tables, folding and banquet tables, and seminar and classroom tables. These are the most common type of tables, so you will find the most variety in these. Most people like these the best because their feet can touch the ground while sitting, therefore making them the most comfortable. These are also best for disabled people since these tables are the perfect height to accommodate wheelchairs. Standard-height tables also tend to be more formal (think a candle-lit dinner at a romantic restaurant), so these would be better for those of you with a more formal set-up.

Choosing Chairs or Stools for Your Standard-Height Table
It is recommended that your chair or stool should have a 10" to 12" difference in height from your table. Since the standard-height table is about 28" to 30" in height, the height of your seat should be about 17" to 18" high.

What We Feature
Berringer 5-Piece Dining Set. Item #: D199-25-01. Dimensions: 36"W x 60"D x 29.25"H. CL Price: $479.90.

Hamlyn 5-Piece Dining Set. Item #: D527-55. Dimensions: 42"W x 88"D x 30.5"H. CL Price: $1099.

Counter-Height Tables
Counter-height tables are usually casual dining tables and kitchen islands at home. As a result of their little extra height, they are usually used near the kitchen for more prep room. Their height also makes it easier to talk to other people standing in the room. They visually make it seem like they take up less space than smaller tables, so they tend to fit in better in smaller areas. Since they're considered less formal, they relax whatever space they're in and will automatically put your guests at ease.

Choosing Chairs or Stools for Your Counter-Height Table
Since counter-height tables are around 34" to 36" high, the counter chairs or stools should be about 24" to 26" in height.
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What We Feature

White Kitchen Cart. Item #: 910013. Dimensions: 37"W x 43.5"L x 34"H. CL Price: $286.90.
Theo 5-Piece Pub Set. Item #: D158-223. Dimensions: 42.25"W x 42.25"D x 36.25"H (says pub set, but is counter-height). CL Price: $499.90.

Bar/Pub-Height Tables
Bar/pub-height tables are usually bar tables, cocktail tables, highboy tables, pub tables, and bar-height café and restaurant tables. These tables are usually found in home bars or restaurants. These have some of the advantages of counter-height tables, but the pros of them are even stronger versions. They become even more casual than the counter-height tables because now the difference between standing and sitting is pretty much blurred. Bar/pub-height tables are also taller and thinner than the other choices of table, so they fit even better in smaller places. These are perfect if you're looking for the most relaxed atmosphere possible.
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Choosing Chairs or Stools for Your Bar/Pub-Height Table
Since bar/pub-height tables are around 40" to 42" high, the counter chairs or stools should be about 28" to 30" in height.

What We Feature
North Shore 3-Piece Bar Set. Item #: D553-65. Dimensions: 70"W x 21"D x 42"H. CL Price: $999.

Pinnadel 5-Piece Pub Set. Item #: D542-12-230. Dimensions: 30"W x 60.25"D x 42"H. CL Price: $788.90.

Why the Difference in Sizes?
Bill Kovalich of gives a good answer to this question, explaining that "Most standards used by commercial furniture designers are based on average-sized people. That is, they try to accommodate 90 percent of the population... in the United States, furniture for women is built for the majority whose heights range from 5'2" to 5'8"; for men, the majority range is 5'8" to 6'2"; for unisex (men and women combined), the average used is 5'8""( Pretty interesting, huh? He also suggests that anyone over the average height look into an adjustable-height bar or pub table for comfort reasons.

Note that the average sizes of people will probably vary by country, therefore probably varying the sizes of tables.



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