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Sofas and Loveseats, What's the Difference? And What the Heck is a Davenport?

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Our special living room set today is featured below with both a sofa and a loveseat in the mix. to purchase any or all of these pieces in the set (or just ask questions), you may call the City Liquidators Home Furniture department at (503) 230-7716.

  • Sofa- $699.
  • Loveseat-$699.
  • Armless Chairs-$279 apiece.
  • Ottoman-$279.

Sofas vs. Loveseats, Who Cares! I'll Just Order the Whole Set and Then It Won't Matter.

But what happens if you aren't buying a whole set? What happens if you have to choose between a sofa and a loveseat, risking getting exactly what you want or something slightly different than what you were expecting.

Well we're here to help! So check out the information below.

Sofas and Loveseats, What's the Difference?

Sofas are designed to seat multiple people. The term 'sofa' is generally used in the United Kingdom and Ireland, while the term "couch" is usually used in the North America, Australia, and New Zealand. Why do we say 'sofa' here? No idea. But don't worry. Either one you ask for here, we'll understand your lingo and show you to the sofa/couch of your choice.


While sofas are designed for seating multiple people, loveseats are designed to seat only two. These are built for couples and/or best friends, which is where all the "love" comes from.


Cool! Now What the Heck is a Davenport?

If you've ever gone furniture shopping with a parent and/or grandparent, chances are that you've heard this term. A Davenport may be referring to one of three things; a regular sofa, a sofa bed, or a small writing desk.

Davenport: The Sofa/Sofa Bed

A Davenport can refer to a sofa or a sofa bed for those born around 1900 or grew up in the WWII era, catching the term and meaning from their parents. 

Davenports were originally a line of sofas designed by the A.H. Davenport Company, which focused on custom-made furniture. Developed by the founder, Alfred Henry Davenport, the series of sofas were originally built with wooden frames of oak and mahogany and were available in several styles and can still be found at select antique stores and auction houses today.

Davenport: The Writing Desk 
The second use for the term Davenport is for a small British writing desk. It has a slanting top that can be lifted up. This desk also has drawers and cupboards that open on the side instead of the front. 

(Mathematician John Couch Adams sitting at a Davenport desk. Photo is courtesy of

The Davenport was originally commissioned by a Captain Davenport in the 18th century by sheer coincidence. There is no information on him, so we're not sure if there's any relation to A.H. Davenport of the sofa-makers. It might just be purely a coincidence. But if you're looking for one of these desks and not a sofa, we highly recommend mentioning "desk" along with the word, Davenport, otherwise you will get quite the big, comfy sofa surprise.

Now What Should I Do?

Come by our store, City Liquidators, and pick yourself up a Davenport (sofa) of your very own!


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